Some Humility, Please...

Bert Gold bgold at
Fri Jun 7 16:46:23 EST 1996

I just want to note, for the record, that I did write to Sherilyn
Bell at the University of Toronto, asking if she would provide
names of bona-fide Americans whom she was working alongside
in order for me to confirm her assertion that Americans were
welcome in Canada.

To date, Sherilyn has not provided me with any information to
contradict my statements here that de facto, if not de jure,
Americans cannot work for Canadian institutions and thereby be
paid from the $22,000,000 US NIH allotment that goes to 
Canadian PIs. This in itself would not bother me so much, but between
what I see as a better health Care System in Canada than the US
and the fact that the US NIH, specifically NCI, 
just awarded a grant to a Montreal PI to do what I just applied to do,
AND we both (Dr. Montreal and I) just found out (at least I did) that
a Swiss team has beat us to the cloning and sequencing of that gene
anyway.  They are currently apparently patenting the sequence.

So, NIH is now in the awkward position of having issued a grant
to do what has already been done, to a person who is a Canadian,
and who is a NEOPHYTE (relatively) in the field. 

Science is, as Crick puts it, a ' ... Mad Persuit', but it really
needn't be so harsh on our souls.  (athiests may substitute the word
humanity, but will lose some of the subtlety of the comment).

I think it would be good for Canadians and Americans to try and
learn from each other.

 Bert Gold, Ph.D.                         "Seeing much, Suffering much,
 University of California, San Francisco   and studying much,
 School of Medicine                        These are the three pillars
 Program in Medical Genetics               of learning." -- Benjamin Disraeli

Sherilyn Bell (slbell at wrote:
: Bert Gold <bgold at> wrote:
: >It is a SIN that Canadian PIs will receive $ 22 million of US NIH funds
: >this year and are not PERMITTED to HIRE AMERICANS.
: ???????!
: I have worked as a technician for six years with people from many 
: nationalities hired by Canadian PIs--including Americans.  Were they 
: just optical illusions?
: Please explain this statement more clearly or retract it.

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