Cable Companies, was Re: Cable TV Descrambler $20.00

Ricardo Moro 73244.2540 at CompuServe.COM
Sat Jun 8 16:06:36 EST 1996

The cable guys have "oiled" the wheels of polititians and who 
then gave the former permission to wash our brains.

There are 2 German (scrambled) guys (channels) talking at the 
market (my TV). I do not understand German (I have no 
descrambler), but I still listen in and that is OK (it is not 
illegal to watch the diagonal bars on the TV {or is it now 
too?}). One day I decide to learn German (get a descrambler) but 
decide to do it by myself, from books, etc and not by PAYING the 
German guys to teach me (I know electronics and I decide to 
assemble a descrambler from scratch). Now I go back to the market 
and listen into the conversation; same as before but now I 
UNDERSTAND and therefore it is ILLEGAL?

Go tell your cable company you DO NOT WANT the scrambled signal 
into your home because it bothers you to see it and see what they 
tell you...

Give me a break does not apply here. They won't, they never have; 
you are a consumer of an oligopolic product. Too bad...!

Ricardo Moro

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