Is medical care a Right?

Alexander Berezin berezin at MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA
Sat Jun 8 11:40:57 EST 1996

Dear Partick,

the following again shows that you tend to 
draw some pretentious conclusions whithout
apparenly knowing much about the subject(s).

Let me point out few problem with what you
are saying (see below) - Alex Berezin

On Fri, 7 Jun 1996, Patrick wrote:

> I failed to add that the reason for the Swiss confederation being 
> ineffectual as a country 

In short, you make pronouncement that Switzerland in
'ineffectual as a country'. That sounds a bit too 
authoritative. Who are you, after all, to dismiss the
whole country ? India is also a confederation.
Do you dismiss it too ?

Many people will undoubtedly support (with FACTS)
just the opposite, that Switzerland is one of
the most SUCCESSFUL countries in the world.
(for example, one of the lowest per capita crime

> is largely due to the fact that it would require 
> agreement by separate enclaves of essentially culturally disparate people 
> to get together to agree on anything.  

> Such confederations are doomed to 
> accomplish the least possible since that is all that would be agreeable 
> to such diverse, semi-independent cultural entities. 

Better ask what Swiss people will tell you about the
achievements of their country in many areas.
And by the way, Swiss confederation exists for
10 (11 ?) centuries, while many other structures
originated and perished during this period.

>  It is practically a 
> falsehood to consider Switzerland a true, united country.  

I hope some of the Swiss readers of bioforum
will comment on this statement. From the
few Swiss I personally know I did not get 
this impression. 

> It can work as 
> it does because they are so very small, both in population and in 
> geographic size.  
> Such a loose collective of communities might have worked for the original 
> 13 American colonies as well but not for a large, populous, and powerful 
> nation.  

In short what you are saying means that you don't
believe that the present USA is a workbale country
and should disintegrate into many smaller pieces
(as USSR just did).

I have heard this type of stuff before (Republic
of California, for instance), but I don't beleive
(at least hope not) that many of your compatriots
will support such a view. 

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