Xenopus laevis....take note :)

LISA D'OGER DE SPEVILLE 108dol at cosmos.wits.ac.za
Mon Jun 10 09:32:51 EST 1996

Hi..here is a bit of info you may find pretty interesting. 
There was an International Developmental Biology Symposium held here at the 
University of the Witwatersrand, in South Africa, in January. Anyway, my 
Prof. noticed an error made by the American Profs about the type of frog 
Xenopus is. I picked this up again when studying for the exam I am to write 
in an hour. In the paper "Amphibian Early Development" by Gerhart, J et 
al, (BioScience. Vol 36, no 8. 1989) they mention Xenopus laevis as the "
South African three-clawed toad". This is incorrect..and a very good example 
of crossed communication. Xenopus is in fact a frog that has claws on three 
toes, as opposed to having no claws. It is a South African three, claw-toed 
frog. I recall doing a Xenopus dissection in first year zoology and 
remarking on the really cute claws that almost appear painted...can't 
actually recall though how many toes it has in total on the limbs. 
So, Xenopus is a frog with claws and not a "three-clawed toad".

Lisa d'Oger de Speville
Genetics III and Zoology III
University of the Witwatersrand
South Africa

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