Paradise Video Cards

Harold Drabkin harold.drabkin at
Tue Jun 11 03:39:00 EST 1996

Have received an add for a deal on Paradise VLB video cards;  a 24 bit
for $39.95, a 64 bit for 49.95 (Surplus Software).
One of these would be replacing a god-awful DEC S3 card that I bought
before Christmas;  Its driver seems to be very sluggish and has trouble
with screen writes (weird "bits" of previous windows ends up on desktop,

Anyways, I run on a 14 inch monitor, 640x480, 256 colors. (don't really
want to run at greater resolutions, since everything too damn small to
What will a 64 bit card get me that a 24 bit won't?, etc.  Anyone with
these cards:  do they come with software to change resolution on the

thanks in advance

cc: ALL
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