Banding Techniques to be used with FISH...What is the Easiest?

Graham Dellaire dellaire at ODYSSEE.NET
Tue Jun 11 07:16:32 EST 1996

I would like to band chromosomes (human and murine fibroblast and 
murine ES cells) in combination with one and two color FISH (rhod, 

What is the easiest technique to give good banding?  The lab I am 
working in now does R banding but usually produces banding on human 
peripheral blood lymphocytes with single color FISH.  It seems a little 
laborious to me.  Does anyone do R banding on fibroblasts and ES cells. 
 All the karyotypes I can find are usually in G bands?  

I have many slides at -20 that I would like to band if possible.  But I 
am open to preparing more if that is the best.  Does standard Trypsin G 
banding work with FISH?

Any suggestions, references or protocols (hehe) welcome,

G. Dellaire
McGill Dept. Of Medicine
Div. Of Experimental Medicine
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

dellaire at

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