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Leonille Douglas lgd2389 at
Mon Jun 10 16:03:40 EST 1996

Hello everyone, 
I am an undergraduate journalism student but I'm also very 
interested in Biology. However, for several reasons it is 
too late for me now to take a double majour in journalism 
AND biology.Therefore I would like to take a masters degree 
in biology later. I realalise that such a degree would have 
prerequisites in terms of courses taken on an undergraduate 
level. Even though I cannot aquirre a BS in diology, it is 
possible for me to take undergraduate courses in biology, 
chemistry, neuro-science etc.
Would anyone be able to give me some recommendations on 
what courses I should take to maximise my chances of being 
accepted to a masters program in spite of not having a BS 
in bio? 
Also, does anyone have information on schools that do not 
have a bio major as a strict prerequisite for their masters 
in biology?
I would be very thankful to anyone who would be able to 
e-mail me some advice. My address is: lgd2389 at
Thank you very much

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