Cable TV: NOT spam !

Alexander Berezin berezin at MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA
Wed Jun 12 09:06:57 EST 1996

I have watched many dozens (ca. 100 ?)
postings on Cable TV/Descrabmlers on bioforum.

Some suggesed it is a spam and for sure
has nothing to do with the bioforum.

I do not necessary agree with this.
I'd rather see it a suppressed emotions

Many people on bioforum (mostly scientists)
are too oppressed by the grantsmanship 
estblishment to speak up about the REAL
issues of freedm in science (peer review
terrorism, monopolization of funds by
the elite, exploitation of junior research
stuff and grad.students, etc).

TV Descrambilng is related to freedom issue
(freedom for information access). Therefore,
when somebody thrown it for a discussion,
so many jumped on it. This is the instinct of
freedom which (for many) is too dangerous
to reveal in respect to the DIRECT (listed
above) issues for those who are presently in 
research careers. For those who are funded
fear to be kicked out from the clum, for
those still climbing to jeopardize (so they
think) their hopes.

So, if community is not ready to go to the
real issues of research freedom, let's talk
about Cable TV at least.

Keep going,

Alex Berezin   

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