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martin LEACH leach at
Wed Jun 12 16:28:45 EST 1996

sure you don't need t for writing you book ;)

sorry I haven't got back tyou...been busy.....

like the idea.....I've got one or two similar books I can show you...
a bit outdated though....

there is plenty of science shareware out there e.g.

the NIH image program.
the primer design software etc.. etc...
from stanford

give me a call/email and see if I can help...


busy busy


Catherine O'Malley (cathyom at TIAC.COM) wrote:
: Do you know of shareware or freeware that could assist biochemists, 
: molecular biologists or pharmacologists?  If so, please tell me how this 
: software can be obtained.  I am constructing a home page to facilitate 
: the efforts of working scientists who want to locate tools for common 
: tasks.  Links to purely educational software would also be appreciated. 
: At this time, I am only interested software that can be run under 
: Windows.

: Thanks a lot.  Your response will help fellow researchers save valuable 
: time.  It's amazing what can be accomplished if we help one another!

: Catherine McKeon-O'Malley

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