Cable Companies, was Re: Cable TV Descrambler $20.00

Richard H. Miller rick at
Wed Jun 12 11:24:40 EST 1996

 Larry Phillips (larry at wrote:
 : In article <4pkvrf$ceh at>,
 : 	rick at (Richard H. Miller) writes:
 : >Cary Silverman (terrapin at wrote:
 : >
 : >nothing to do with 99% of these group (especially bionet.general).
 : >followups have been redirected to the correct group. 

 : I think you dropped this, Richard. I found it in quite a few groups.
 : It has been redirected back to your group, where the replies to it
 : by boneheads with no clues about responding to spams with more of
 : the same, can flame those who disrupt bionet.general.

lets try this one more time. The followup header is directing this thread
to another group. Please ignore boneheads who have no clues about trying to
move a discussion and note that following up to this article of the thread
will cause your response to appear in

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