Jim Smolen jsmolen at
Thu Jun 13 16:36:12 EST 1996

Bert Gold <bgold at> wrote:

>I have always been comforted by the thought that there ARE in fact
>verifiable true facts in the universe and that the laws of physics
>and chemistry are uniformly true throughout it (Ah, I know there
>will be the quantum-geniuses among you, such as the notorious
>Mr. Archimedes-Plutonium, who eats radioactive lava for lunch
>on, who will dispute this assertion, nevertheless,
>my brother and Mr. Plutonium aside, the laws of physics and chemistry
>generally, I think, do hold true for those who continuously keep
>our speeds well below that of light and who do not dare go to
>the universe's edges).

Ah, another epistemologist!

It's a good thing we're scientists. We'd have a really lousy time in
some other areas of academe (although Dr. Sokal has been getting some
jollies lately).


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