Is medical care a Right?

Alexander Berezin berezin at MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA
Fri Jun 14 08:56:43 EST 1996

On 14 Jun 1996, Opus wrote:
> Gee, I'm average American and I find the CATO institute to be top notch in
> their research and conclusions, what's a matter Bill, afraid of the
> truth???

Dear Average American:

I personally remain neutral (likely ignorant) on
the matter of CATO institute, but when I see claims
like the above (top notch, etc), my instant reaction
is to question the claimant on the following:

(1) Can you be specific in defining what is
'top notch' as opposed to what isn't ?

(2) What are these SPECIFIC 'research and 
conclusions' reached at CATO institute which have 
an undeniable benefits to the health of the 
Americans (and perhaps, health in general) ?

If you care to be convincing you have to
provide clear answers to the above.

Alex Berezin

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