Bert Gold bgold at
Sat Jun 15 12:53:45 EST 1996

Last summer I had a personal and important telephone conversation with a
high ranking Republican Party official who told me that it was almost
impossible to clean up the corruption in Washington.

He told me that he knew that NIH was supposed to act like a meritocracy,
but that well, he also knew that the system operated as one guy patting
the back of another in providing research funds.

This high ranking person further told me that there was no way to stop it.

That the only way he knew that bureaucracy ever got smaller in Washington
was to close it down.  Had I heard of 'The Base-Closing Commission', I was

                     *                        *

Then, two weeks ago, here at UCSF, Zach Hall, director of NINDS (and
former chair of pharm. here) was described as coming from UCSF's
Washington campus... [The audience laughed, knowing that both Dr.
Varmus, who is running NIH and Dr. Alberts, who runs the National
Academy of the Sciences are both on faculty here].

Sigmund Freud wrote an entire book on 'Jokes and the Unconscious'.

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