Marc Andelman drgonfly at
Mon Jun 17 09:10:23 EST 1996

> So, summing up, and noting that the tome on Peer Review which I've
> just posted verily suggests adding many layers of bureaucracy to 
> an already overburdened system, I am left as a devout federalist
> wondering whether my Republican informant on the Hill wasn't
> correct in asserting to me that there is no way to diminish the
> corruption of our nation's resource distribution apparatus.
> It almost makes me think about becoming a Republican.
 Hi Bert.  If you are a devout Federalist, and are thinking
of becoming a Republican, please do not be offended if I
suggest going one better.  You should become a Confederate.
A Confederacy is a loose association of states and is much 
closer to what the founding fathers had in mind.  Under a
conferdacy, a lot of the pork barrel politics and other
apostasies of central control would be less likely to occur.
We were never taught what the civil war was really all about.		

Marc (Robert E Lee) Andelman

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