Jim Smolen jsmolen at
Mon Jun 17 13:55:14 EST 1996

rwhite at (Robert White) wrote:

>If Bert is an 'epistemologist' why can he not grasp the _FACT_ that
>'objectivity' is merely a faulty construct? He can read all the Ayn
>Rand he wants to, but that sort of nonsense was completely refuted
>many years ago and no amount of revisionism will ever change this.
>Moreover, if Bert was at all adept in the field of epistemology he
>would have read works by Gregory Bateson, Humberto Maturana, etc., 
>and know that 'objectivity' is non-existent! 

Well, that's all very interesting. I don't know about Bert, but I'm no
expert on the field. My scant knowledge of the area and those
"refutations" are derived from the writings of Don Campbell (perhaps
you've heard of him?). A few weeks ago, he was invited out here by the
U of Houston Psych Department. I was privileged to have dinner with
him and to discuss issues such as these. I subsequently read some of
his work on epistemology and the history of science. Unfortunately,
this intellectual giant died recently, so I can't direct your comments
to him for further reflection.


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