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>>>The remarkable story on 20/20 last night concerning the new
>>>surgical procedure in which enlarged ventricular cavities are
>>>removed with propitious consequences for most all patients had
>>>an important take-home lesson in it for peer review:
>>>Not only was the procedure perfected in a small, jungle hospital
>>>by a capable Brazilian heart surgeon faced with legions of
>>>parasite infected patients predisposed to the heart enlargement
>>>condition (necessity being the mother of invention), but,
>>Well, let's see how this stands up in controlled studies before
>>it a success.  It does look hopeful, though.
>That is very true.  No one is talking about the 40% short term mortality
>and the almost total lack of follow up in this guys studies.  It will be
>great if it works, but I will hold my enthusiasm till some well designed
>studies are done. 
	It will be difficult for American doctors to accept that
something good is coming from a Brazilian one. You know...
people here think that Brazil is a jungle, with monkeys and
snakes all over. Others think that the capital of Brazil is
Buenos Aires. And, of course...America knows better!
	But look at the Canadian System! It works fine.
Better than here...
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