Is medical care a Right?

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Mon Jun 17 16:49:34 EST 1996

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> >Mr. Greenwood,
> >You are correct in your suggestion that I regard you as guilty of
> >a social crime or sin through your tendentious assertion that
> >medical care is not a 'right'.
> Thank you for being honest although I don't agree with the 
> notion of social crime.  To me it such notions are more suited 
> to a 'Bolshevik' society than a free one.  My position is 
> heath care provided by the state is an entitlement not 
> a right.   One could say that the notion of health care a right
> in a rhetorical way is propaganda used to promote a socialist view.
> Defining heath care as a right is misleading not accurate. 
> >My experience with uncivilized persons such as yourself is that
> >you understand things much better when they are phrased in terms
> >of animals (I think you relate better to them).
> Uncivilized person such as myself?  Understand things when phrased in
> terms of animals?  Have you no shame?  We are only in a debate
> over which term best describes heath care provided by the state. 
> >So, here for the sake of an exercise in winning arguments I will
> >suggest the following scenario to you:
> >You have just stepped out of your house.
> >A horse has been hit by a car.
> >The horses' legs have apparently been badly damaged.
> >The vehicle and driver are no where in sight.
> >The horse is screaming in agony.
> >You are outside YOUR house.  There is no one else around.
> >What will you do?
> If I were in a rural area I would shoot the horse and bury it.
> If I were in an urban area I would call animal control since 
> anything I would do that might help end the animals misery would
> most likely be illegal.  
> If on the outside chance the horse might live I would contact
> animal control and/or the owner of the animal. 
> Now if the animal hit by the care was of the species homo sapiens
> then I would administer what first aid I could and seek help.
> I have no desire to see people denied heath care but I have 
> huge objections to heath care provided by the state defined
> as anything other than charity. 
> I have no objections to charity and feel we should all do our
> part.  I have huge objections to groups of intellectually
> conceited and morally vain people dictating to me or anyone
> else what other peoples obligations are and how they are 
> to meet them.  I find that offensive. 
> >What are your obligations?
> >Work on it.
> They are my business not yours or anyone else's. 
> ajg 

Thisis an interesting problem. It all really depepends on how you define health 
care. Surely health depends more on clean water, adequate food and housing than 
on all the marvels of modern medicine. If that be the case then one could say 
that all of these things (clean water etc.) are rightsthat people have. We do 
not hear society sying this!!
S A Farber

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