The end of science?

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Mon Jun 17 16:49:09 EST 1996

You are invited to join in a great debate over the future of science that
begins June 17th, 1996. This debate is on Wired Online's _Brain Tennis_
debate forum on the World Wide Web and will last several weeks. Stuart
Kauffman, professor at the Santa Fe Institute and author of At Home in the
Universe and Origins of Order, battles John Horgan, a senior writer at
Scientific American and the author of The End of Science. Are modern
scientists, as Horgan suggests, merely adding footnotes to the past
discoveries of Newton, Darwin, and Einstein? Or are theories such as chaos
and complexity shedding light on formerly unfathomable mysteries of the

Just get on the Web and point your browser to:

And please join in the debate yourself in Wired Threads. Go to:


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