Marc Andelman drgonfly at
Mon Jun 17 20:37:16 EST 1996

> In a call to return to the good old days of yore, Marc Andelman 
> inscribed thusly:
> >  Hi Bert.  If you are a devout Federalist, and are thinking
> > of becoming a Republican, please do not be offended if I
> > suggest going one better.  You should become a Confederate.

Frak  wrote;

> As a fellow slave trader (er, recruiter?) I might be tempted to raise 
> the old "Stars and Bars" myself, while contemplating the positive 
> influences on our business. After all, what better venue for the 
> merchandising of people than the old auctions.  Why, I can hear it now: 
> "Come one, come all.  We got scientists.  We gots engineers.  We gots 
> technicians and CEO's.  On'y the finest.  Don' be shah folks, jes' step 
> raht up and tek a look at these outstanding specimens!"

 Hi Frank.  How is everything in the sovereign state of Florida?
In truth , I believe you malign our profession by insinuating
our antecedents are the slave traders.  I prefer to think that
we oringnated in Shanghai.  Why, I think I am going to a seedy
bar where I will hit the first scientist I see over the head.
Next thing you know, he will wake up shackled to a bench working
for a PI.  Unfortunately for us, for some strange reason, too many 
people volunteer without being hit over the head first.

Frank also wrote;
> Ah, but then back to reality.  I'm afraid that we may already be there, 
> without knowing it.  Even the old underground railroad is operating its 
> well oiled gears, except that instead of freeing slaves by sending them 
> north, it's freeing workers by sending their jobs out of the country.  

Frank,   We can either look at the world as one pie, or we
can go bake enough pies for everyone.


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