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Bert Gold bgold at
Thu Jun 20 13:52:01 EST 1996

Mr. Koenerding,

I love science.

I love genetics.

As disciplines, I believe both of these are in great difficulty.

You have told me in previous mail to me that you do not share this view.

But, perhaps you are not right.  Perhaps I am not right.  I don't know...

I want for this world to be a better place.

I speak out because I believe my speaking out may help to make it
that way.

If I do not speak out, I feel certain things will not change in
the way I would like to see them change.

Many scientists I admired in the past spoke out against injustice
when they saw it:  Linus Pauling, Albert Einstein, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi,
just to name a few...

Why do you begrudge me my right to speak out against injustice
as I see fit?

Bert Gold
San Francisco

PS - It is precisely because I believe NIH and NSF ARE SO IMPORTANT
     that I am speaking out this way:  My contacts in Washington
     inform me that each is DEEPLY THREATENED in the coming few years.
     But, perhaps you have greater insight than do I on this topic.

David Konerding (dek at wrote:
: Bert,  I think you have a personal agenda and are using the Usenet to
: disseminate it.
: Wouldn't it be better if you found a better way to vent your anger?
: it's really not appropriate to crosspost your vehement arguments all
: over the bionet and sci/med groups.
: I, for one, am getting really tired of your "Disband the NIH" statements.
: --
: David E. Konerding
: dek at

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