Aegilops sharonensis and Aegilops longissima

Chromosome Terror abrdlher at
Thu Jun 20 13:09:22 EST 1996

I've read that these two species are in fact the same one.
Their chromosomes are designated in the same way, their banding patterns 
seem identical. They both possess certain interesting "gametocidal genes" 
in chromosomes 2Sl and 4Sl...

However, they're still treated apart. 

Does anybody know what's the difference, if there's any?


PD There are a couple of articles, from Tanaka (1955) and Miller (1981), 
which I hope they'll enlighten me. I haven't got direct access to the 
journals in which these articles are published. I just ordered a copy, 
but I'm interested to see if anybody knows anyway.

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