Falsified Data and Corruption in prominent Australian University - What do you do?

Paul Coddington paulc at mail.act.apana.org.au
Thu Jun 20 15:59:31 EST 1996

When I was starting my PhD, my HOD circulated a memo to the effect that
all students should aim at publishing at least one paper every 6 months. 
He said that papers could be published before data was fully collected and
analysed because the results of most experiments were "readily

Since I have left that department, I have heard other students complaining
of falsified data in their area of interest.

Incidentally,  I was dismissed from my studies under the pretense of
incompetance to cover up the fact that I was being stalked, intimidated
and harrassed by students and staff, apparently for not being Roman
Catholic.  The department has officially stated that I have no intention
of finishing my MSc degree (which I undertook to complete at their
institution at their insistance that they would withdraw my PhD
scholarship if I did not leave my previous university prematurely). 
Actually, they have withheld access to my MSc data and 90% completed
thesis for 5 years - it was locked away on their mainframe all that time
and they refused to let me take a copy.  Eventually I found someone who
was willing to risk their computer access by obtaining a copy behind their

This department also left me stranded in Australia by breaking their
agreement to refund my removal costs from New Zealand.

At present the official positions are:

The Vice-Chancellor/Registrar : Summarily dismisses complaint.  Official

The Head of the Research School : Refuses all communication.  Has me
removed from campus by
security on sight.

The Staff Member who is conducting the threats : Has warned me not to tell
anyone what has happened and to get out of town for my own safety.

The Lawyer of the above : Has stated "off the record" that he will ensure
that a complaint is contested to the High Court if necessary, "and you had
better be prepared to pay at least $25,000 to defend yourself.  Remember,
we have more money than you have.  We will not allow ourselves to be made
liable for what could be a $500,000 compensation case."

The Human Rights Commission : Sorry, the Act was not in place until
shortly after this trouble started and the legislation is not

The Police: This is not our jurisdiction.  Men do not get stalked.  Stop
complaining about these people or we'll have you charged with harassment.

Others (about 6 people): Have stated that they will commit purjury to have
me convicted of crimes which I have not committed if I pursue the
complaint further.

Bear in mind - all I wanted to do was to quietly get on with my studies! 
What on earth is the matter with these people?  It seems to me that to
allow me to live a normal life would have been less trouble for everyone



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