Collagen gels

Andreas Jordan jordan at
Fri Jun 21 08:03:07 EST 1996

To demonstrate growth and division of cells in a collagen matrix, 
colony forming ability (CFA) is a well known method which has been 
widely used as a 3D matrix to test clonogeneity of tumor cells.Since 
MTT measures metabolic acitivity of mitochondria, proliferation in the 
sence of cell division and growth cannot be investigated by MTT, which 
is rather a cytotoxicity screening test.I recommend to use any tumor 
cell line and test CFA in/on the matrix you have fabricated. By the 
way, if you will publish anything on you composite membrane I would be 
interested in as a probable test matrix for cell adhesion and 
extravasation experiments with tumor cells.

Dr.M.M.Rajan wrote:
> Dear Reader,
>         I have fabricated a composite membrane for the immobilisation of
> cells for transplantation purposes.
>         The membrane contains collagen in it. For purposes of
> sterilisation for routine tissue culture work, I have been recently using
> the conventional UV hood which is used for crosslinking DNA to nylon
> membranes. I observe a change in cell adherence to it.
>         Does anybody know whether there could be a change in cell adhesion
> on collagen gels after UV exposure and crosslinking.
>         Also, does anybody have any suggestion on the demonstration and
> quantification of cell growth and proliferation on matrices of this sort.
> I have been using MTT assay. Is it alright? There appears to be a delay in
> MTT diffusing in and forming crystals inside the matrix. Any suggestions.
> Thanking you in anticipation,
> Yours
> Dr.M.M.Rajan
> Research Scholar
> IIT,
> Bombay.

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