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Thu Jun 20 23:10:22 EST 1996

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Bert Gold <bgold at> wrote:
   >I speak out because I believe my speaking out may help to make it
   >that way.
   >If I do not speak out, I feel certain things will not change in
   >the way I would like to see them change.

Whether it's the horrors of circumcision on the male psyche or the
unbearable inequity of NIH funding, it's still an off-topic
harangue in once you've said the same thing over and over
in dozens of articles.

   >Why do you begrudge me my right to speak out against injustice
   >as I see fit?

You might have a "right" to post this, but you don't have a "right"
not to be considered a crank after a certain point, and you're pretty
far along the way there, whatever the merits of your argument.
Johnny-one-notes (especially in a forum like USENET) don't seize the
imagination and usually undermine whatever goal they like to think
they're furthering.

And please spare us the "they laughed at Columbus, too" schtick.

Steve Dyer
dyer at

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