Collagen gels

Dr.M.M.Rajan mmrajan at
Thu Jun 20 23:02:21 EST 1996

Dear Reader,
	I have fabricated a composite membrane for the immobilisation of
cells for transplantation purposes.
	The membrane contains collagen in it. For purposes of
sterilisation for routine tissue culture work, I have been recently using
the conventional UV hood which is used for crosslinking DNA to nylon
membranes. I observe a change in cell adherence to it.
	Does anybody know whether there could be a change in cell adhesion
on collagen gels after UV exposure and crosslinking.
	Also, does anybody have any suggestion on the demonstration and
quantification of cell growth and proliferation on matrices of this sort.
I have been using MTT assay. Is it alright? There appears to be a delay in
MTT diffusing in and forming crystals inside the matrix. Any suggestions.
Thanking you in anticipation,

Research Scholar

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