Millipore RO 10 Plus Pump

Jerry N. Alexandratos alexandr at
Mon Jun 24 12:32:19 EST 1996

Hi folks.  

I'd like to give away a (nonfunctional) Millipore RO 10 Plus pump,
manufactured by Iwaki (Tokyo, Japan).  The motor is working fine, even 
after seven years of continuous use.  The pump head, on the other hand,
no longer works.  Not surprisingly, the pump is quite dirty and appears 
to have been damaged inside.  (Don't ask me how.)

Those who have taken apart these pumps know that the pump head is
magnetically coupled to the motor.  No water comes near the motor,
nor can any mechanical parts touch.  Since this is a damaged, already
replaced part, the normal rules for disposal of property simply don't 
apply.  I can throw this in the garbage.  Since this is an expensive 
device, it is a shame to simply throw a good motor away.  (I will *not* 
sell it or keep it!)  I would be more than happy to send it to whichever
nonprofit or university research lab. asks for it.  You have to assure
me that you do need it, that you can repair it and so this isn't a 
waste of effort on my part or your part.  (If you can get a new pump
head from Iwaki, "repair" means unscrewing the old pump head, inserting
the new one, and retightening three screws.)  

Here is my offer.  If you need a pump for your Millipore RO 10 Plus
(or related) system, *and* IF you can get a new pump head from Iwaki,
you can have my pump motor for the cost of postage, sent COD.  I know 
this is a "long shot", so I will discard the motor by mid-July.  Until
then, it's a big ugly grey-green paperweight on my desk.


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