IDEA:HHG to Funding Schemes (UK+EU)

Dr. B. Popping bpopping at
Wed Jun 26 04:12:33 EST 1996

Dear All,

Having been to countless meetings dealing with different schemes for 
funding of research projects and being aware that old funding schemes 
disappear and new ones are set up almost monthly, I find it quite 
difficute to keep up-to-date. Especially when it comes to eligibility, 
things become very difficult.
My idea was to create an interactive WWW page, a 'Hitchhiker's Guide to 
national and European Funding Schemes'. Here you would be asked SIMPLE 
straight-forward multiple choice questions where you can tick one box or 
more and by evaluating your answers, the programs will lead you to the 
appropriate funding schemes.

This would countless hours of reading through the glossy brochures for 
the different schemes just to find out at the end that you are NOT 
eligible for funding.

I discussed this idea with representatives of BBSRC and DTI. An although 
I had plenty of support for the participating researchers, it comes 
bottom-of-the-list for DTI and BBSRC, either because their Information 
Technology Department is behind in their technology (which I can't 
believe being true) or because they were more concerned with the fact 
that their staff has recently been cut by half.

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