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> Sorry, I didn't actually mean my own WWW page, but rather a
> page by the WHO that I cite in my poster. Is this OK:
> WHO (1996). Chagas Disease Control. WorldWideWeb page at 
> http://www.who.ch/programmes/ctd/act/chagact.htm 

I think that for a poster the format you use in your example is
fine; for publication it would depend on editorial policy.

My son came up against this situation with a paper he wrote for 
school, and he ended going with a format much like your example.
For what it's worth, I checked with the author of the page in 
question, and to paraphrase his reply: "there is no standard form
for this yet, but in any form of citation, the point is to make
it possible to find the original source, and your form does that."

In a Trends in Genetics article by Kenn Rudd, "Escherichia coli 
K-12 on the Internet. TIG 12(4):156-157 (1996), URLs (http and
ftp) were listed with other references, with the section heading 
being "References and URLs."

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