used book: SCIENCE ON TRIAL by Judy Sarasohn

Jack Truher truher at
Thu Jun 27 18:22:03 EST 1996

I would like to buy the subject book, used, preferably from a local
Stanford person who has this book.  I will pay the new cover price, and I
will arrange to pick-up the book from the owner locally.  Distant owners
are also welcome to contact me.

The subject book, SCIENCE ON TRIAL, is out of print.  Printed in 1993 by
St. Martin's Press, this book covers issues of bio-tech laboratory science
integrity, and government investigations into -- the Baltimore affair,
involving Margot O'Toole, Harvard, MIT -- in the late 1980s.

I have contacted a few book search firms without luck so far.

Please respond by email to truher at, or call Jack Truher at

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