ME farmhouse for rent

Einstein¹s cousin Urdell bjwalker at
Fri Jun 28 03:17:26 EST 1996

I want to post a notice about renting my farm with college and university

Sabbatical year late summer/fall/winter/spring rental, coastal Maine, near
Jonesport. White frame farmhouse, barn, blueberry land on a tidal river
1/8 mile from open sea. Protected anchorage. Wood lot. Rural, yet
accessible, on country road. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, oil heat, forced hot
air; kerosene stove back- up in kitchen. Front porch, back deck. Barn
wired for 220. A place to write, paint, think, walk. Blue herons.

sheridan at
PHONE: (413) -549-1606 (last week June, first two weeks July) or (207)
-497-2602 (4th of July weekend, last two weeks of July, first two weeks of

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