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X Du xiaoqiao at sclpinet.clp.com.hk
Fri Jun 28 23:20:13 EST 1996

You may be surprised that I am a metallurgist asking a question which may 
be related to biology.
We recently have a copper alloy contact surface tarnished.  This contact 
has been connected to a negative potential.  The tarnish was found to 
have features shown in the attached bitmap file.  We usually do not 
expect to see crystal growth as corrosion product grown on the negative 
side.  Also, the objects contain a high amount of potassium.  So we 
wonder if they are biological objects.
Have you seen these things before?  Or have you come across any 
biological objects grown preferentially to a negative potential?
The insulation material connected to this contact contains very small 
amounts of potassium.
Hope you can help me.
I do not know which group of biology is the best to send to, sorry about 
X Du
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