Swiss 3T3 transfection

Didier Thomas dmthomas at
Thu Jun 27 23:04:07 EST 1996

I cannot get any protein expression in Swiss 3T3 using a CMV
promoter-based vector which however gives excellent results in 293 cells.
It does not matter whether I use the CaPO4 method or the DEAE-Dextran one.
Nothing. I guess the CMV promoter is too weak in mouse cell lines. 

Does anyone have some experience with transient transfection in Swiss 3T3
and   can recommend me a commercially available expression vector (not
retroviral) that works fine in this particular cell line.


Didier Thomas
University of California, Irvine
College of Medicine
Dept. of Biological Chemistry
Med. Sci. I, Room D214
Irvine, CA 92717

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