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James Mahaffy mahaffy at
Fri Jun 28 12:53:37 EST 1996

Einstein¹s cousin Urdell (bjwalker at wrote:
: I want to post a notice about renting my farm with college and university
: faculty.

: Sabbatical year late summer/fall/winter/spring rental, coastal Maine, near
: wired for 220. A place to write, paint, think, walk. Blue herons.
: Contact:
: sheridan at
: PHONE: (413) -549-1606 (last week June, first two weeks July) or (207)
: -497-2602 (4th of July weekend, last two weeks of July, first two weeks of
: August)

I think this post is a bit off topic.  I sure would not like to see this
group full of sabattical houses for rent. Not sure where to suggest for
a better palce and the sad thing is that if there aren't many of them
posts like this will probably work effectively since they target a segment 
of the academic community on a group of high traffic.

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