Recycling Martha Stewart

Cynthia Donahey cdonahey at
Sun Jun 30 00:22:22 EST 1996

(or the status of dune building in New Jersey and what Martha can do to help)

I guess there are still some groups trying to put dunes back along the New
Jersey shore. Unfortunately, the best spots are gone.  People are living
there, many of them very well to do. They can affored to rebuild and
rebuild and rebuild (or did the Boss give up?). Anyway, Martha bought a
house in an area that used to be dunes.  It was a vacation home for some
parson years ago.  The house needed rebuilding and redecorating - she has
done both.  She believes in replacing sand with humus enriched topsoil. 
Read it for yourself in one of the issues of her magazine "Martha Stewart
Living." I forget which one.  Anyway, I do believe the next time a
hurricane comes up, she is nervy enough to ride out the storm at home, in
part because she has never thought about this subject before.  Anyway, she
could cook for a dunebuilding group. I'm sure she could do a very good
job.  They would all be happy to overlook her penchant for decorating and
such, if they got some decent fried chicken and strawberry shortcake out
of her.  She keeps making reference to cooking for somebody; and nobody,
so far, has wanted her to.  They're worthy enough. 

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