Unlimited Free Energy on Demand

Ron ussron at nilenet.com
Sun Jun 30 23:57:50 EST 1996

America's Declaration Of Energy Independence
         Is On Its Way To You!

The era of technology suppression is about to be 
put underfoot!  Better World Technology, recipient 
of the Inventor's Hall of Fame "Most Advanced 
Energy Technology Award", announces the beginning 
of America's Energy Independence with a tour of 34 
cities across America.

Come Discover The Technologies Taht Will Usher In 
The Next Energy Re-evolution

* Make all your electricity, heading and cooling   
on site at no operating cost.

* Modify any existing engine to run with no   
gasoline, diesel, batteries or exhaust. 

* Power boats, planes, trains, trucks naturally   
with no combustion.

*  Supply unlimited fresh water anywhere.

*  No more nuclear power plants.

See what the government and major media has ignored 
and what is about to change your world! Witness 
live demonstrations of hardware with simple, clear 
explanations that anyone can understand.  Discover 
the energy technology that can eliminate all forms 
of pollution and provide unlimited, safe energy for 
all the world's power needs.

If you are interested and would like to attend a 
show please email me your request so I can sponsor 
you. This is by reservation only.

Ron Eldridge
ussron at nilenet.com
STANDARD R & D  Authorized Dealer.

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