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Rick Gold lcapt at efn.org
Fri Mar 1 02:53:08 EST 1996

Not too long ago I happened to get a Greenpeace report about chlorine,
water and breast cancer.  One of the recommendations was to call my local
municipal public water supplier and request their water quality report for
my system. I thought I'd get a GOOD laugh living in clean ole' Eugene,
Oregon. Well, was I in for an ole' shockeroo when I got the report and
found a whole list of synthetic organic chemicals like 2,4-D & 2,4,5-TP
ect. & volatile organic chemicals like 1,1-Diclorothlene &
1,1,1-Trichloroethane etc. These are only the chemicals that they were
required by the EPA to test for-- they're not even testing Radioactive or
other contaminants.  I WAS SHOCKED at the list of contaminants!
Do YOU know what's in your water supply? You'll be shocked too!
If you'd like to get more information about my research, please email me
at lcapt at efn.org. I would also like to hear from other parts of the
country about the kinds of things in your water. Please email what you


Rick Gold

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