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R. Scott Jokerst scott_jokerst at
Sun Mar 3 22:02:13 EST 1996

Hello Dave,

Biological Data Transport does not charge its web visitors for access to
its services.  Rather, anyone visiting our site is free to query it for
links to public information, etc.  We have put together a nicely organized
collection of information, which grows daily.  We are doing so, of course,
to share it with the community we serve.  Thus, my posting to the BIOSCI
newsgroups was not a solicitation for business, but rather simply letting
the community know there was another very helpful life sciences web service
available to them.

I am sensitive to the issue of "free advertising" just as you are.  I
believe it would be a different matter altogether were we to be charging
for access.

I am interested in playing by the rules, David.  And interested in
legitimately leveraging the public resources that we all fund.  None of the
subscribers of the BIOSCI newsgroups, including those associated with
Biological Data Transport, want to see spammers overtaking the system.

I do, however, believe we newsgroups participants want to know what avenues
are available to us to help us leverage our time on the web more

Good to hear from you again.  Please feel free to call,


At 9:08 AM 3/3/96, BIOSCI Administrator wrote:
>As I have mentioned to you before, if this site is for-profit then you
>should *not* be broadcasting it on the BIOSCI/bionet lists.  By
>ignoring these warnings you are essentially stealing free advertising
>for your company while other organizations are paying to support
>BIOSCI so that we can continue to administer these non-profit
>newsgroups, mailing lists and WWW services for the biological
>community.  If your site is non-profit (which based on past
>conversations I have no reason to believe it is), then you should
>include an appropriate disclaimer to that effect.  I do not encourage
>our readership to patronize sites that violate the rules.
>                                Sincerely,
>                                Dave Kristofferson
>                                BIOSCI/bionet Manager
>                                biosci-help at

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