30 interesting questions I need answered

William Payne ohm.dial.pipex.com
Tue Mar 5 15:59:12 EST 1996

	Some of you may find most of these questions pathetically easy, but
since I am much less experienced than you are, I am not really that
bothered. I just need the answers sent to Ohm at dial.pipex.com. Thank
you in advance.

What is an isopod?
What is a chaetognath?
What is the scientific name for the general urinogenital and anal
opening of lizards?
Where are a crabs' gills?
How do spiders breathe?
Why does an earthworm die when it falls into a pond?
Why do some food plants taste better after the first frost?
What is eosin?
Why can we not breathe under water?
Why may the decorative plant Berberis sp. create economic problems?
What does uricotelic mean?
Give an example of a calcifuge,
Give an example of a carniverous fungus.
What is a Ratite?
What is thought to have been the diet of the first primates?
Why did H.Sapiens lose most of his skin hair?
What are melanophores?
What is a haemocytometer?
What is a Bogorov tray used for?
What is a varve?
What biological significance has the Van Allen belt?
Are holly trees monoecious or dioecious and why?
What is a "fairy ring"?
Explain how a flying fish moves.
Explain why various genera of trees have characteristic symmetries
What is a nudibranch?
What makes some Algae animal-like in their mode of reproduction.

	William Payne.

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