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lcapt at efn.org  writes:
> Not too long ago I happened to get a Greenpeace report about chlorine,
> water and breast cancer.  One of the recommendations was to call my local
> municipal public water supplier and request their water quality report for
> my system. I thought I'd get a GOOD laugh living in clean ole' Eugene,
> Oregon. Well, was I in for an ole' shockeroo when I got the report and
> found a whole list of synthetic organic chemicals like 2,4-D & 2,4,5-TP
> ect. & volatile organic chemicals like 1,1-Diclorothlene &
> 1,1,1-Trichloroethane etc. These are only the chemicals that they were
> required by the EPA to test for-- they're not even testing Radioactive or
> other contaminants.  I WAS SHOCKED at the list of contaminants!
> Do YOU know what's in your water supply? You'll be shocked too!
> If you'd like to get more information about my research, please email me
> at lcapt at efn.org. I would also like to hear from other parts of the
> country about the kinds of things in your water. Please email what you
> find.
> Thanks, 
> Rick Gold
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One of our problems is that we can detect horrible sounding
chemicals at far smaller levels than was possible a few years

However, I suspect that most of those things are at such a low
lever that you have a higher probability of being hit by a
meteorite than being harmed by them.
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