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William Tivol tivol at
Wed Mar 6 14:58:26 EST 1996

Rand Duhe' (duhe at NOL.NET) wrote:
: I would like a "Cliff's Notes" answer to what organelles, structures,
: chemicals, or "flotsam and jetsam" that are present in mamallian
: cells that causes tissue rejection - particularly in transplants.
: Please e-mail your authoritative response to duhe at 
: Many thanks,   Rand Duhe'

Dear Rand,
	Antigens on the surfaces of the cells of the transplant are different
from those of the host--these antigens make up the "tissue type".  Antigens
from different individuals within the same species evoke a much stronger
response than antigens from different species (as a rule), so the immune
response to transplanted tissue is stronger than the response to bacteria.
BTW, the transplanted tissue can make antibodies to the host--the "graft vs
host" response.
				Bill Tivol

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