prediction assessment meeting at Asilomar

Christian Lemer chris at
Thu Mar 7 02:45:56 EST 1996

Marie-Helene Mucchielli wrote:
> In the article published by David Shortle in Structural Biology of 1995 (Vol 2,
> Number 2, 91-93), it is said that a prediction assessment meeting at Asilomar
> (California)is sheduled for 1996. If somebody have more informations about this
> meeting (date, i.e.), thanks for sending these informations to me.



March 7 '96 - September 30 '96 
     Distribution of targets to predictors as they become available, withdrawal of structures as
     they are solved. Collection of predictions. 
December 12 - 16 '96 
     Meeting, Asilomar, California 


All information about the meeting and the contest can be found on the net:



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