Bert Gold bgold at
Thu Mar 7 13:53:40 EST 1996

This morning, reading terms like "blackmail" being used by Secretary
of Health and Human Services* about the relations between the
President and Congress, reinforces my apprehension about the
world as a savage place.  And the news this morning that
F. Lee Bailey refused before a Florida court to surrender
'ill gotten gains' from a drug dealer which he received
in payment for his defense, and as a result been imprisoned,
proves to me that we are at a nadir of ethics, integrity
and morality in the US.

Truly the nation has lost its sanity, in the classic sense,
our leaders do not know the difference between right and
wrong.  How can we free ourselves from this moral

Actually, in retrospect, we may all find that Robert S. Macnamara
is a kind of hero.

That for us to secure our future, we must show him forgiveness
for his (now admitted) mistakes.

Bert Gold
San Francisco

* Science, article with pictures of Her in it, published March 1 or 2nd, 1996
  in Washington.

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