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sfox1 at CEI.NET sfox1 at CEI.NET
Thu Mar 7 15:19:26 EST 1996

To all eel experts:

>I am doing research for an article on freshwater eels, primarily Anguilla
>anguilla and Anguilla rostrata for Ranger Rick.  This is a "trivia" feature
>telling interesting things about eels.  Many of my sources tout the
>exceptional-- eels living 35 years to 70 years and weighing 15 pounds,
>traveling 3500 miles, etc.  I'm trying to find more of the norm.  How far
>does the average American eel travel?  The average European eel?
>What is the latest research on the methods of navigation? What and how do
>eels eat? At what periods of their life do they go without food?  How long
>is that?  Do they really travel over land? Do they use their slime to climb
>up dams?  I would appreciate information on what YOU think is interesting or
>amazing about eels.
>I really appreciate your help.  I want this to be an accurate and
>informative article.
>Sandy Fox

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