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On 27 Feb 1996, Nathan Stratton wrote:

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> David A. Kaye (dk at crl.com) wrote:
> : Matthew Crosby wrote the quoted material below:
> : " But the our calendar is based on the premises that a) The bible is correct  
> : " and b) they got the calculation right.
> : " For the purposes of dating, one really should just pretend that both these
> : " are the case.
> : Why?  The bible is a book of fiction; why should it be relied upon for 
> : anything?  That's like saying that just because Harlan Ellison says 
> : something we should all take it as fact and base our calculations upon 
> : it.  And I daresay Ellison is a better writer than those dudes who wrote 
> : the bible, and probably more accurate, too.
> The bible is in no way fiction.

Where did you get this information and what is your evidence?

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