My humblest apologies

Cornelius Krasel krasel at
Sun Mar 10 13:00:20 EST 1996

William Payne ( wrote:
> 	Will the members of this group please accept my humblest apologies for
> my inconsiderate waste of their time and resources?
> 	If there is any way that I can do recompense for my misdemeanours I
> will be glad to do so.
> 	In the mean time, could you tell me a way I can get the offending
> articles removed?

I sense some kind of irony in the paragraphs written above. But don't
worry, you have been flamed enough, maybe too much (and since I was one
of the ones who participated, I feel somewhat guilty as well).

If you want to remove your articles, your newsreader (if you use one)
should have an option to delete articles. (You can delete only your
own articles, don't worry.) If you have posted these by email, you
will not be able to remove them easily.

Good luck with your studies :-)


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