Pigs - BBC radio seeks simple advice

Simon Pipe simon at pipes.demon.co.uk
Mon Mar 11 04:57:10 EST 1996

Hi.  The BBC needs your help with a BIOLOGICAL QUESTION - and we might
even ask you to come on air.  

I'm a producer at BBC Three Counties Radio (covering Bedfordshire,
Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire), and I need help with this question
asked by one of our listeners:


We have been challenged to find the answer on the Net.  Can anyone

a) tell us the answer;
b) give us an inspired and possibly even entertaining alternative; or
c) add some (helpful) comments, either serious or, even better, a bit

Please, please e-mail any response to me at work - pipe at nc.bbc.co.uk -
indicating whether your answer is known to be correct or just plain
good-natured fun.  

We're doing this as part of Science Week in the UK.  If we decide we'd
like to talk to you on air, I'll e-mail you and ask.  Replying to this
request won't place you under any obligation!   

Thanks, with love from Auntie .....

Simon Pipe

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