Postdocs: to Sean Eddy

Sean Eddy eddy at WOL.WUSTL.EDU
Mon Mar 11 15:55:24 EST 1996

  >The critical acid test question here is this:
  >What if posdoc has his/her own idea (disagreable 
  >with the professor) which he/she wants to test ?
  >Will your scheme allows for this ? (e.g. postodoc
  >wants to do experiment to DISPROVE his/her professor).

It's the existing system, not "my scheme".

The system allows for it fine. If you have your own postdoc grant,
your funding is independent and cannot be easily taken away just on
your advisor's whim. Whether or not you can challenge your advisor's
ideas and maintain a collegial atmosphere depends on your personality
and your advisor's, not on the system. 

  >People generally defend their PhD about the age 28-30.
  >This is already 1/3 of the average lifespan and (almost)
  >TWICE the childbearing age. Do you think it is sane that
  >at this age people still be in a 'training' position ? 

Yes, I do think that it's sane that it takes a long training period to
be able to do science independently. It's a demanding life to choose.

- Sean Eddy
- Dept. of Genetics, Washington University School of Medicine
- eddy at

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