location of VNTR loci

Keith Robison robison at nucleus.harvard.edu
Wed Mar 13 09:59:14 EST 1996

K H Wong (khwong at govtlab.gov.hk) wrote:
: Question: Where are the Variable Number Tandem Repeats loci in the human 
: genome: in the introns, pseudogenes, between genes or even in the exons? 
: Functionally, it seems that the VNTR loci should be present in DNA 
: regions that do not carry functions or at least crucial functions. 
: However, we are unable to find a published article that clearly excludes 
: the presence of VNTR loci in the exons. Could anyone give us more 
: information or articles on this?

Most VNTRs are in non-genic regions; I think you could confirm
this by looking at large human DNA sequences from GenBank.  However,
trinucleotide repeats do occur in certain genes, and clearly
qualify as VNTR loci.

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