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Jon Richfield jonr at
Wed Mar 13 06:47:11 EST 1996

hockeyst at (Sean Tabacsko) wrote:
>looking at the slides and taking pictures, I ran into the 
problem of
>determining if the tubular structures I was seeing underneath the
>microscope were spiricals or intestines. How can I tell the difference
>between the two.  I would also appreciate any information on how to get
>oriented with the body of the fruit fly under the microscope.  Thank you
>very much for any help you could provide.

At least you have discovered the difficulties of identifying 
what you see under a microscope and the difference between 
doing it yourself and seeing it in pictures!

First, go and dissect a lot of specimens and see what the 
guts look like and what the tracheae look like.  Do a lot of 
fiddling and comparing.  Check their relative sizes and 
identify parts such as the Malpighian tubes, the intestine 
and the tracheae.  Check them against each other and 
pictures i the book.  Check the wall thicknesses and 

THEN go back to your slides. You do not say how you prepared 
the slides, but if they are sections, ti can be very tricky 
to know what you are looking at.  Examine MOBY numbers of 
them and compare sections from nect to each other in the 
insect.  That way you will find where the structures start, 
end and join up.  You should then be in a good position to 
guess at what is what.



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