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>Hello...Richard here.  I am a 58 year old, disabled Navy vet. and am
>pretty much home bound now days. I enjoy microscopy as an intellectual
>pursuit but am having some problem finding a suitable text and / or
>laboratory manual that describes the basic procedures for making slides,
>staining, fixing, and preserving plant, insect and animal tissues.
>I was wondering if anyone might have a "preowned" text or lab manual that
>would suit my purpose. Not too elementary and not too
>advanced....something one might encounter at the community college level.
>I have an associate degree in biological sciences but am a bit rusty.
>My microscope and a few ants, fleas,  and ferns turn what might other wise
>be a very boring day into one filled with wonder and awe......wish I had
>started out to be a biologist in the very beginning.
>thank you;
>Richard        e-mail       r.carpenter at atlwin.com  or ChiefRoc at aol.com

Hi Richard

In the UK, where I am based, an excellent bound set of booklets on slide
preparation for the amateur microscopist is available. Not sure whether
available in the US, but you may if interested like to contact Northern
Biological Supplies, who specialise in supplying the amateur in the UK
who may perhaps deal direct or suggest a US supplier.

(see Web page http://www.demon.co.uk/micscape/otheradds.html#bigadds or
Email me for details)

'Practical Microscopy NBS Booklets'  (5 UK pounds).

The book does refer extensively to using proprietary mountants etc from
this company, but the equivalent materials are probably available in the

As a fellow amateur microscopist, if you have Web access, there is a
monthly on-line magazine for the amateur microscopist, naturalist and
school student (address below).


Dave Walker 
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